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Trident 5000

The all new TRIDENT T5K is a Monster with a 3.5kg lift capability and 1 axis gimbal camera.

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Trident 3000

The TRIDENT 3000 Fishing Drone has a 2.5kg lift capability with optional 1 axis gimbal camera.

Cuta-Copter the waterproof fishing drone pioneer has been building the toughest fishing drones on the planet since 2014.

Professionally made in South Africa with love and dedication to create the most robust, reliable, and safest drone on the planet – rest assured your drone fishing has never been so safe and fun.

Our core focus is pilot and people safety, and how the Cuta flies and regulates the pilot is an essential element in assisting with the overall protection of the asset. Platform reliability and stability is paramount.


This has been achieved by using advanced hardware and software enabling ‘World First’ multiple safety features and multiple hardware redundancies In addition, we have desensitized the control sticks and added features making all Cuta models the easiest and safest drones to fly.


Multiple safety measures


performance controls

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advanced flight modes


propulsion system

trident 5000

Trident 3000