Hammerhead V2

The HammerHead V2 is the original 2 drop bait version that we have developed.  It can drop 2 lures or 1 lure and one bait.  2 baits can be dropped with carefully designed traces.  The 2 drop system is optional.

The Hammerhead V2 will be very popular with traditional freshwater bait boat users, as you can take 2 lines out at once and drop each bait in 2 different locations.  This is an optional extra.



Basic Specs

Weight : 1.6kg with battery

Bait lift : 1kg safe at sea level

Flying time : 19 mins at sea level with no load. (depending on battery used)

Battery : 3300mah 4s   - 6000mah 4s

Props " 11" or modified 12" props

Auto-land with signal loss

Auto-land with low battery

2 bait drop mechanisms installed.







1. Convenient carry handle

2. Up to 18 mins flight time with no load. (Battery Dependent)  The number of bait drops will depend on load and distance covered.  To 300M with a 500 grm load, you can expect about 3-5 drops.  Batteries are relatively cheap due to the universal battery use design.

3. Low profile design makes falling over on landing impossible. (no more damaged props)

4. Optional backpack available

6. Quick battery installation and connection

7.The Hammerhead "Arrow shape" makes it the easiest copter to see in the air. The shape shows you which way it is flying.

8. Florescent decals improve visibility.

9. Reliable bait release mechanism

10. Ground stability  - the CG is designed to be as low as possible.  The Revo can descend at full speed into beach sand without falling over.  This makes it the easiest to use craft on the market.


11. 2 bait drop option - we can supply the Hammerhead  with a 2 bait drop option.  This configuration is normally used with 2 lures or 1 lure and one bait.  This is the first craft to offer the ability to cast out 2 lines at once.  This is optional and must be specified on order.